John Henry was born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia and became a permanent Florida resident in 1995. Graduated as an Interior Designer in 2008 from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale where his journey as an Interior Designer and as an Artist began.

 His works are inspired by the traces of smoky skirts left behind by watercolors as they expand when mixed in water. Using digital technology, he is able to capture explosions of ink reminiscent of cloud formations; seeking to convey his own visions, he presents us with ethereal images and digital art compositions unique to his style of works. Interpretation of his art is left to the imagination and to the spoken lyrics stated for each of his collections.



Dedication to those seeking to be free:

It is not easy embarking on our quest to reach our dreams. The idea of claiming our freedom and cutting loose from the strings that dictate and manipulate our lives can seem impossible. The judgments from our social circles can at times cloud our thoughts and create overwhelming feelings of self-doubt. The hardest part of any beginning is making the decision to dive into the unknown. Once we have taken that first step to jump and while free falling the only thing that we can hold on to is our faith and our resolution that no matter how hard we land or how broken we might feel.

 We will take those pieces and create something new; we will reinvent ourselves.  All these decisions, failures, mistakes and accomplishments create a chain reaction in the universe. It creates an echo that travels through the vastness of other realms, and like a boomerang it brings back information and confirmation that the silence we sometimes experience is forcing us to take action and to face our fears one way or another.

Now, standing outside the box and looking into my world from the outside. I can clearly see that every experience, every mistake, every broken piece and shattered dream and all those endless days and nights twisting and turning, wondering if I would ever feel my purpose; those were the forces of the universe pushing me into the unknown so that I could dive into my own fears to test my will, to  walk in darkness and to find within me the courage to rise above by turning sorrow into light.