The Messenger

In the darkest hours and within the realms of obscurity, lies dormant an unfathomable power imbedded in the human heart; awakened by tragedy and the will to conquer our greatest fears.

To believe what I’m about to tell you, you must first realize that perhaps our paths were designed to cross before our souls cocooned in our mother’s womb. We planned to meet at this moment and time where growth was not about the physical or the material aspects of this realm. Instead, it has been about discovering your authentic essence and the divine light residing in your being. As your vibration rises, so does your capacity to tune into the spirit world; to hear, to speak and follow their guidance. This is your gift, embrace it, for you now have the capacity to aid those in need of help.

“My artworks are not my works,” they are gifs given to me by something far beyond the grasp of our reality; they are treasures shown to me through visions. The journey to finding this dimension, where celestial light forms are capable of shapeshifting into mystical creatures has been my darkest secret yet my most significant discovery. Sharing this in a world that is continually devolving, where people are losing their humanity and love is no longer a gift but a commodity. It is truly a challenge for those who can’t see and feel the spiritual presence that stands before their eyes. I’m not referring to the physical human anatomy, I’m speaking of the eyes of the soul.

Dreams are visions foreseeing past, present, future and they can pierce through the veil of many realms, realms of light but darkness as well. As the night merged into silence, in the stillness of my sleep, my soul took flight. I was called to face, to challenge, to learn, to experience, to understand that free will remains even after our passing. I bear witness to souls trapped in darkness, being held prisoners by entities disguised in human form. Their presence

was familiar, and their intentions malevolent. Ruby fire like burning eyes approached, out of the nothingness they appeared. Speaking to me with a threatening tone, I was dared to challenge their role. In the vastness of this cage, I held the hand of the spirit of a little boy, he revealed himself to me and without hesitation, in the blink of an eye, my soul crossed us into the light.

He no longer was with me; he had crossed to where he was meant to be, perhaps back to the

source, he was finally home. As I walked through this realm, clarity arrived, overwhelmed by the countless spirits expecting to see me. Everyone waved, there was an inexplicable joy, happiness beyond anything I had ever felt. As I walked through the crowd, I gazed at what I thought could not be, the souls of my grandparents embodying what was once their younger human form. They smiled and guided me into a new world; the dwelling of mystical beings, magical and ethereal views, beautiful beyond the comprehension of what we know. This discovery was, without a doubt, what I was meant to share with you. This collection of works is light, is love, is innocence, is a whisper of the universe in my heart, it guides my thoughts and my hands to draw the  supreme brilliance of its numinous art works.